What I Do

About Me


My name is John Kaiser III and I've been in the video game industry for 20+ years now where I've held titles such as Producer, Creative Director and PR & Marketing Manager for companies Midway Home Entertainment, SouthPeak Games and Digital Tribe. During that time he worked on many game concept pitches, design doc creations, managed dev teams, and was producer on some cult favorites such as Dementium II and Big Bang Mini for the Nintendo DS as well as the highly rated PC/Mac indie puzzle platformer Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube and rogue-like indie horror game Depths of Fear::Knossos

About Kaiserblade Games


This is a site to share videogames I work on solo or coloberate on with others. While I have been in the industy for awhile, this is my ventur ein learning the actual development side of games.

Looking to the Future


To be filled....